October is my favourite colour

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. I wait all year for autumn.

The colours of the leaves are so beautiful. It's an absolute miracle how something dying can be so beautiful.

I picked up my camera and my Sigma 18-200mm lens for the versatility and my clear crystal glass ball and headed out with my mum to Cryers Hill. She was my assistant for the morning, holding my glass ball! Thanks mum ;)

Walking is something I do all year round but Autumn just brings something so much more special to the journeys. When the sun is shining everything is golden and so colourful. I find myself stopping and just looking around.

Although I love summer, I find everything looks too samey! Everything is green, which is nice but autumn is painted in a whole array of different colours. Mother nature really does have the best box of crayons!

On my way home from work one morning I decided to go a different route home because I know that this road always looks beautiful this time of year. I had no idea it was going to rain, it was looking very hopeful as I was walking through the field that leads up here but as soon as I got to the top the rain started slowly spotting! Luckily I managed to get some really good colourful photos before it really poured. I did get very wet as I walked through the next field home, but isn't that all part of the fun?! ;)

Through my crystal ball! It's such a different perspective of the world.

Prints of some of these photos are available to purchase! Head on over to my photography collection in my shop.

I got so inspired by my love of autumn that I painted this cute watercolour stag!