A thank you post!

I’ve been sat in the sunshine creating this little cutie..

And I’ve also been having a moment of reflection!

I have spent the last 10 years painting, drawing, photographing and most recently creating digital artwork and resin art.

In that 10 years I have practiced, learnt an awful lot, failed, succeeded, tried so many new things, had fantastic days and had bad days.

But the one thing I’ve never done is give up.

Many pieces have been torn up and thrown in the bin and others have pride of place in my studio or have found there forever homes!

Having spent so much of my time finding my style, discovering what it is I really want to do and building my own website from scratch it is such an amazing feeling when my emails pop up with new orders. Putting your work out there is putting a part of yourself out there for everyone to see so for people to have a look through my work and decide that they want a part of that is very special.

I was thinking about this yesterday, a lot of people don’t always see what you do, the hours you put in, the failures, the successes, the skill.. for example, I currently run this little business from home and have a small garden studio, every single part of this business is me, it is all run by me. I am..

The artist

The admin

The marketing


The accountant

The IT technician

The customer service

You get the idea! (No I don’t sit at home all day doing nothing! 😉)

I know I can only speak for myself here but it’s so easy to feel like a fraud and that what I do is not important but I do love what I do. I put my heart and soul into everything I make, it is all made and packaged with love and care.

So I want to say a massive THANK YOU to every single one of you who has supported my little business, it means so much to me that you want something that I have made in your homes or gifted to a loved one. Honestly, I appreciate you ❤️