And I'm Back..

The start of 2020 hasn't been great has it? Everything we knew to be 'normal life' has been taken away and we've had to adjust to some pretty big changes.

I'm not necessarily the best person to deal with big and dramatic changes, I like to know what's happening, I like to know what I'm doing but as that all went out the window I felt a little lost.

Then unfortunately, in the middle of the whole global crisis, my nan sadly passed away and I suddenly had even less sense of what to do and had no motivation to carry on with my work.

But I've just had a big clear out, clean up and tidy up of my studio space and I'm feeling ready to come back to my creative mind! 'Practice what you preach' has come to mind.. I love designing and creating art that makes me smile and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, that time where I can escape from the rest of the world and focus on being fun and creative. So I'm coming back to do just that!

If you've got some pencils, paints, clay, sculpting materials, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, literally anything creative.. get making! Forget everything else for a little while and escape into your creative side, we all deserve a little time for that!

In the meantime all work currently on my website is available to buy, I'm very happy to help with custom work and any questions.

Stay safe & healthy and I'll see you real soon with some new work! ❤