Alcohol ink Zodiac coasters - Paint with me

Hey guys!

I've recently got into using alcohol inks and I'm absoultely loving them!

I've made some other coasters (available to purchase here) and I wanted to make a set of zodiac star constellations, they're a different kind of idea for gifts and a lot of fun for me to make.

The end result!

Heres a list of everything I used to create these coasters -

Ceramic tiles - the shiny kind, matte wouldn't give the same effect.

Kitchen paper - to soak up excess alcohol/ink and it can get a little messy!

Plastic cover for my work space, bubble wrap works great and a harder surface to place the tile on while working, I've just got a small piece of mountboard.

Hairdryer - to either move the ink around or to dry the ink when it's settled where I want it to be.

Isopropyl alcohol - 91% or 99%.

Inks - Jacquard Pinata alcohol ink.

Nitrile gloves - ink stains!

Apron - because I thought it would be a great day to wear white jeans!

Pipettes to apply alcohol to the ink.

White gel pen.

Varnish - everyone recommends Kamar varnish however I can't find any in England so I went with Golden Archival Varnish and it works just the same!

Next step - Resin! Maybe I'll be back with a resin video..!