Lockdown paintings

In a very strange time in the world I've struggled to find motivation but once I started I then found more inspiration.

This first painting is representative of time.

All of a sudden the world kind of stopped, we had more free time than probably ever before but perhaps not all good time. As a key worker myself I've continued going to work every morning but the other side of my life as an artist came to a bit of a halt.

All of the events I was working towards throughout the year were no longer happening and that was when my motivation disappeared, as I didn't have a specific time/date to work towards I felt like I had all the time in the world yet I didn't want to create anything in that time.

Once this painting started coming together though, I had another idea for another painting.

My second painting during lockdown is a little bit of an illusion/illustrative design of better days are coming.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that bad times don't last forever, brighter, happier and better days will come. The inlcusion of the rainbow is for all the key workers who did an amazing job through a very odd and unknown time.

My third painting is an unsolved rubik's cube.

Life definitely feels like this right now!

Figuring out how to navigate a 'new normal', were being forced to be different whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not, whether it works or not.

Endless different information, headlines and stories, will it ever be solved?

During the 2 weeks at the beginning of June that Bucks Art Weeks would have been held I joined in with their themes each day in a virtual exhibition, you can still look through all the work people posted for each theme on there facebook and instagram.

Currently I'm working on some custom orders of paintings, portraits and resin!

Thank you to my very lovely customers throughout this time for supporting me and my work, I'm so grateful to you. ❤️